Kaikki paitsi purjehdus on murhaa by Kivireki released

On their second ep after baptizing into acousticism, Kivireki attacks Turku Archipelago armed with a slaughter knife. Later there’s some axe waving, and dying in an ice hole. Chad is briefly visited too. Lasse Mårtenson would take offense, had the band not checked in as the number one fans of the late maestro. (That did not usually slow down his miff machine, though.)

Below you can listen to the ep on Spotify. Links to other music services available here.

A cover version of Lost Highway from Trio Anuri

Trio Anuri’s cover single Mullan alle (originally Leon Payne’s Lost Highway, maybe better known by Hank Williams’ version) is finally live. Originally the song was supposed to be included on the Siperian Sheikki ep published earlier this year, but we had to leave it out since we couldn’t get a license from the current right holders, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Scandinavia.

Or to be precise, the negotations hit a wall after the lead vocalist of Trio Anuri, Petri Ronimus received a completely incomprehensible mail from the corporation lawyers. And the guy is an English teacher by profession.

The taste of our bitter disappointment had somewhat diminished, when I stumbled upon a discussion thread at the February Album Writing Month site. There, SounDrop was mentioned as a service especially focused on licensing and distributing cover songs to the popular digital music services.

Just for the hell of it, we tried once more. I uploaded the track to SounDrop, paid nine euros – and then we waited how it would turn out. Less than a week later, the rights were cleared (to use the correct jargon speak), and Mullan alle was published. No coughing, no lawyer mumbo-jumbo, no problems. Maybe their lawyers wanted to speak only with other lawyers, and not with some bearded bohemians from a never-heard Western-Russian small town.

Whatever the reason, the main thing is of course that the song is now published.

This is also good news to Rane & Co, who’ve been recording several cover songs to their upcoming ep, in addition to their own material.

Here are the links to all the digital music services SounDrop supports:

In addition to these, the single is also distributed to Pandora, but it doesn’t seem to be live yet. Also, Pandora is not easily usable in Finland.

Girls ❤️ Komitea!

Here’s the gender breakdown of our Spotify listeners from the last three months:

On the other hand, maybe we shouldn’t belittle them with words like that. Especially since the age group breakdown looks like this:

What exactly do gi– I mean grown women like? Why, the scream and rattle by the blackgrass messiahs of Kivireki, of course. Street country is hot, too:

Their enthusiasm over roar and racket has somewhat diminished since the end of December, though:

So, these were our Spotify streaming statistics of the last 90 days. A little bit of other digital music channels were used as well but a tigress’ share of our listeners grabbed their fix of Komitea releases specifically via Spotify.

Se on Seppo music video from Kivireki

A while ago when Kivireki popped into studio, the band also shot a video for their song Se on Seppo (“That’s Seppo”).

In the days when they still worshipped desert gods and sacrified to totems made of guitar amps, Kivireki already recorded an electric version of the song. The new acoustic version will be included on their upcoming ep Kaikki paitsi purjehdus on murhaa (“Anything but slaying is unnecessary”). The ep will come out by Easter.

The 2016 autumn version of Se on Seppo can be found at the usual places. It was the very first publication by Komitea, btw!

Below you can listen to the song on the Spotify player.