“Syksy” by V/P released

V/P paints a picture of the world without any other seasons except autumn.

You’ll find the Syksy single on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and sixty other digital music platforms.

Next weekend the band is going to shoot a video for the song. On the video, exercising winter sports and enjoying summer picnics seem to be impossible.

“V-City Beat” by Princes of Nigeria released

With the eleventh Komitea release the afrobossafunk band Princes of Nigeria makes a return with a bombastically impassioned song titled V-City Beat, dedicated to the suburb of Varissuo.

You’ll find the song on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play, among sixty other digital music platforms.

During the upcoming weekend the band will be shooting a music video for the song, produced by Twisted Films and directed by Ville Muurinen.

Sofy Kapepula Manga – from the Tampere-based afrofunk band Saïsba – will be seen in the main role. The story is about a showdown between her and the white trash people of the Varissuo suburb. In her main adversary role we’ll see the Princes of Nigeria vocalist Aino Laine. Video will be released in early September.