“Syksy” video by V/P is out

In the video, autumn has stolen the slots from all the other seasons. In the endless autumn, living a beach bum life becomes extreme sports. Not to mention gardening and skiing.

Photos from the “Aki Kaurismäki’s Unknown Soldier” show on the 100th Finnish Independence Day 2017

Our little spectacle where we live dubbed the whole Edvin Laine’s Unknown Soldier movie in Kaurismäki style with a Carpenteresque soundtrack, was received well.

Except for this one bloke, who ranted to the Cosmic Comic Cafe staff that the performers don’t seem to know anything about war. Factually he was of course right: None of us has been in a war. But we’ve been to movies! And bars.

We take the reaction as a small victory. Indignation, if anything, measures the value of a performance.

Seppo “euroSIDious” Säämäki building his retro synth hell.


Mikko Kuusto going through the screenplay.

Re-adjusting the placement of Commodore 64…

… yeah, this is better.

It is LIVE, euroSIDious in the costume.


The live dubber’s view towards the audience.

Jani & Kasper live @ Komitea Club

A clip from Jani & Kasper’s set at Portti, Turku, November 18th. The song Kakolan vangin laulu tells the story of a guy who ended up in the local prison Kakola in the seventies.

“Syksy” by V/P released

V/P paints a picture of the world without any other seasons except autumn.

You’ll find the Syksy single on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and sixty other digital music platforms.

Next weekend the band is going to shoot a video for the song. On the video, exercising winter sports and enjoying summer picnics seem to be impossible.