The rest

Here’s a list of all the stuff Komitea people are currently working on – plus the already finished projects and the stuff yet to be launched.

Currently on

Toivioretki (a travel blog)

Kivireki (“The Stone Sleigh”, a stoner rock band) fbtw

Princes of Nigeria (a funk band) fbtw

Le Modem (muzak & musique concrete) fbyt

Yhden miehen tungos (“The One Man Throng”, poetry and singer/songwriter stuff) fbtw

Dj Bobmanuel Udukwu (dj sets)

Finished / on hiatus / died

Oort (an impro space prog band)

Marsin nettipäiväkirjat (“The Martian Blog Chronicles”, a scifi series, 2013–2016) fbtw

Kosmonautti Lahtinen (“Cosmonaut Lahtinen”, a scifi series, 2015)

Itämeren baarit (“The Bars of Baltic Sea”, travelogues from bars, 2014–2015)

Komitea – muzak (Komitea releases before the registered association, 2013–2014)

Multimediakonsultit (“The Multimedia Consultants”, a band, 2002–2010) wpspityt

Commie (an electronic music netlabel, 2000–2003)

DDR Rhythm (a band, 1997–2001)

dogma00 (a manifesto, 1999)

Jyrki Kuri & Kommunistit (“George Discipline & The Communists”, a band, 1992-1997)


Valon mainingit (“Heaves of Light”, a scifi story)