The Komitea Clubs

Komitea hosts a regular club at the restaurant Pikku Torre, where artists at the early stages of their career and marginal music gets stage time. Check out the programme on the club page.

You can watch recordings from the past clubs here.

The Towel Day

Every year on 25th of May, Komitea and Turku University Science Culture Cabinet organise the biggest Towel Day event in Finland at Cosmic Comic Cafe, Turku. The programme includes horrible poetry, mad profecies, and the end of the world.

The Independence Day

On the Finnish Independence day 6th of December, Komitea offers a place to escape the militaristic hulabaloo for us somewhat less rabidly patriotic Finns. The programme includes Aki Kaurismäki’s Unknown Soldier performed live, silent gulping of beer, and other deeply nationalistic action. The location for 2020 celebration will be announced later.