The Sputnik Day

The Space Age began when Sputnik happily beeped around the orbit of Earth on October 4th 1957. We celebrate the event in the properly retrofuturistic manner yearly at Cosmic Comic Cafe. In 2018 the party is held on the preceding Saturday, September 29th.

The Independence Day

On the Finnish Independence day 6th of December, Komitea offers a place to escape the militaristic hulabaloo for us somewhat less rabidly patriotic Finns. The programme in Cosmic Comic Cafe includes Aki Kaurismäki’s Unknown Soldier performed live, silent gulping of beer, and other deeply nationalistic action.

Myles Day

At the turn of March and April (in 2018, 24th or March) we park our bicycles by the Cosmic counter for another reason: It’s the yearly Flann O’Brien celebration day. We worship the late Irish absurdist by reading out loud his books, and deSelbian researchers give cryptic answers to questions from the audience. Is the night really caused by the pollution? Are we sure the world is shaped like a sausage? Is the atom theory indeed in effect in this parish?

The Towel Day

Every year on 25th of May, Komitea and Turku University Science Culture Cabinet organise the biggest Towel Day event in Finland at Cosmic Comic Cafe, Turku. The programme includes horrible poetry, mad profecies and space prog.


Our little festival has been on hiatus for a couple years. Finally it’s showing some signs of life… Stay tuned!