New single from Trio Anuri – “Myrrysmies”

On their newest single, the regressive rockers of Trio Anuri are turning their garage rock influences louder. Lyrics take the inspiration from Finnish traditional mythology, “Myrrysmies” meaning a wizard gone berserk.

You can listen to the single on all the lovely andnotatallexploitative digital music platforms – and Bandcamp.

On Friday 1st of September you can hear this song live at Pikku-Torre, Turku, among other groovy shakers by the band.

The reports of rock & roll’s death are greatly exaggerated.

Komitea’s Afro Club Sat 29th of July

Komitea's Afro Club 7/29/2023 @ Culture Space Takapiha

On Saturday 29th of July the summery jungle swelter culminates at Komitea’s Afro Club, held on Takapiha Culture Yard, Linnankatu 31, Turku. The line-up consists of Ismaila Sané’s ETHNIC! from Tampere, in addition to Princes of Nigeria and Ampa from Komitea’s own roster.

DJ Sad Vicious will play records, and VJ Long John Silverscreen supports him with live video mixing.

18:00 Ampa
20:00 Princes of Nigeria
22:00 ETHNIC!

Free admission.

More info on Facebook.

Komitea ends the year with bossanova in outer archipelago

The dj duo of radio show Outola escaped Christmas to the island of Jurmo in the outer Turku archipelago. There the first single by Strawberry Bus Tour from Hell – the noise bossanova band accidentally founded along the way of making the radio show – saw the daylight. The song was baptised as Joulu Jurmossa (“Christmas in Jurmo”). Probably the only logical step in the whole process.

Because stars were appropriately aligned, a video for the song was shot there too. As well as above, you can watch it on the Komitea YouTube channel.

Btw, hopefully you didn’t miss the recent Elvis cover by Trio Anuri either? Their version of Little Sister was christened as Isoveli in Finnish – which means “big brother”. There might’ve been some miniscule details lost in translation.

By these soothing notes, Komitea wishes as cosy New Year as possible to the whole universe, and everyone in it. With the exception of Vladimir Putin.

Full-length albums from Multimediakonsultit and Kivireki; Akim Color spices the mix with tight afro rhythms

A busy end of year here at Komitea. Because of some – ehm – logistical reasons, the first full-length album by Kivireki was delayed until now (it was originally supposed to come out already in the spring). Likewise the release of the fourth album by Multimediakonsultit relentlessly pushed through every deadline set (the first one was already in November 2019).

In the end, both albums were released almost simultaneously. But be that as it may, here they are now! You can find them on all digital music platforms. And below (which means Bandcamp):

As of now, the lp by Kivireki has already been reviewed at (in Finnish). We are still waiting reactions to the long-cooked album by Multimediakonsultit (also in Finnish).

Btw, we hope you didn’t miss the single cut from the upcoming album by Akim Color. If so, you can still fix the mistake below. The song celebrates moments when you’re able to spend good time with your family and closest friends with some wine and good music. The song was recorded in Benin.

1st of May singles from Multimediakonsultit and Kumikäki

Multimediakonsultit were the spokesmen for the office working class in the turn of the millennium. Now their fourth album is finally in the brink of being sent to mastering. The exact publish date hasn’t been decided yet, but while waiting for that the band releases the third single from the album, Kun tietokone ei toimi (“When the Computer Ain’t Working”).

Multimediakonsultit – Kun tietokone ei toimi

The song reminisces all those melancholic moments when the loyal and beloved companion of ours – computer – hasn’t been there for us in the tides of life.

Kumikäki – Jabsonik Remixes

Kumikäki also celebrates the International Workers’ Day with a couple of remixes from their first album Le Bob. The sounds were recycled by DJ Jabsonik, and Rane Salo from Rane & Co. played guitar on one of the tracks.

Both of the singles are available for consumption at the usual places – Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Apple Music and the others.

Akim Color kicks off Komitea 2022 spring releases

Akim Color – Edje Koudji

Akim Color, who released a solo album last autumn, kicks off the Komitea releases this spring with his tender and atmospheric song Edje Koudji.

You can listen to the single on Bandcamp, Apple Music and Tidal, among other places. But if you buy it from Bandcamp specifically today, first of April that is, Akim will get a higher than usual slice from your payment. It is again Bandcamp Friday.

Akim’s Afro-blues rock band Zaquatic releases new material today too, in the form of a music video. It’s a chase story set in Pansio, Turku.