Pics from Aurajoki riverside gig Saturday 16th of June

A couple of Komitea artists hit Aurajoki river banks in Turku last Saturday.

Rane & Co. served blues from Aurajoki delta (a.k.a. “Turku Archipelago” by its playful nickname).

Kivireki frightened kids and police by cursing like freshwater pirates. Ten thousand thundering typhoons!

The audience liked the music, and the amount of coins we found in the guitar bag afterwards surprised us. “Goddamit! This was probably the first Komitea event ever that made profit!” someone exclaimed, before bursting into tears (of joy).

The next river bank show will be on 7th of July. Welcome, you bashi-bazouks and tin hatted tyrants!

“Rakkaus” by V/P is the first Komitea lp

With their new release Rakkaus (“Love”), V/P, who’ve become known of their raffish punk’n’roll, steps into new dimensions as a band – and simultaneously as a Komitea artist as well.

Here and there you may notice even serious undertones in their songs now. On the other hand, Rakkaus is also the first longplay released by Komitea.

You’ll find the album on all the major digital platforms. Below you can listen it on Spotify.

New music videos from Rane & Co. and Princes of Nigeria

Back in February, Rane & Co. retreated to the barrenly beautiful island of Jurmo to shoot a video for their love song This Love Is for Real.

Meanwhile, Princes of Nigeria shot a video for their tune I Oppressed People at the Twisted Films studios. The song is dedicated to all the riot polices around the world.

Two weeks ago Princes also hopped at the Noise for Fiction studio to record their next single (With My) Koro-Koro Eyes. You can expect the release during the summer months or thereabouts.

Rane & Co. and Puureki at the February Komitea Club

The Komitea Club programme for the spring 2018 has now been fully confirmed. UPDATE: Immediately after publishing the progamme, euroSIDious unfortunately had to cancel their gig. We are looking for a replacement. UPDATE 2: Mikko Kuusto came to the resque, and plays as the warm-up act in March.

The roots blues band Rane & Co. will play as the main attraction at our next club on Saturday February 17th. Last Saturday they had a comprehensive recording session of ten songs, and we’re hoping to release their first Komitea single by the next Komitea Club.

Supporting Rane & Co. at the club we’ll see the stoner rock band Kivireki’s acoustic reincarnation Puureki. Their next single is currently in mastering.

Here are some cheerful pictures from Puureki’s acoustic rehearsals.