Photos from the mini-tour by Princes of Nigeria and The Vicious Seeds

In mid-August Princes of Nigeria did a mini-tour with the Petersburgian funk band The Vicious Seeds. Below some vibes from the gigs and backstages. By clicking on the images you can watch even more photos.

In Baari, Turku, before the gig. In front the ladies of PoN, in the background The Vicious Seeds. Photo: Arttu Lehtovaara
Loimaa, PoN entering the stage. Photo: Arttu Lehtovaara
The PoN guitarist Jarmo Lundgren a moment before starting to play. Photo: Arttu Lehtovaara
The Vicious Seeds groovin’ in Loimaa. Photo: Arttu Lehtovaara
PoN in Tampere before the gig. Photo: Jarmo Lundgren
The Vicious Seeds doing soundcheck. Photo: Jarmo Lundgren
The Vicious Seeds gig. Photo: Mikael Grundström

With some pro level tetris skills, PoN was squeezed on the stage. Photo: Timo Lehtelä
The headliner of the Tampere gig, ETHNIC! asked the PoN lead singer Aino to join their line-up for the last song. Photo: Mikael Grundström
Aino and Ismaila did succeed to mobilize the audience. Photo: Arttu Lehtovaara
Back to Turku. Photo: Arttu Lehtovaara