Kode’s harmonica has fallen silent


The harmonica virtuoso of Rane & Co, Jukka “Kode” Koistinen, died suddenly earlier this week. He slept away peacefully, without drama.

Kode ra Rane & Co.

Kode Ispoisissa

You can read Rane & Co’s obituary on their Facebook page.

We all at Komitea are wiping away tears at this sad moment. In addition to his brilliant playing, Kode was known for his heartfealt warmness. For any situation, there was always a juicy anecdote to pick from his colourful life. And Kode was glad to tell those stories in his husky style.

Kode Aurajoen rannalla

For now, Rane & Co. decided to play the gigs already agreed upon. They will think about the continuation as a band later. Kode as a precise fellow would most certainly have wanted the gigs to be taken care of.

We’ll miss you Kode. Let’s commemorate him with a couple of bars of blues. One, two, three, four…

Koden harput