Komitea ends the year with bossanova in outer archipelago

The dj duo of radio show Outola escaped Christmas to the island of Jurmo in the outer Turku archipelago. There the first single by Strawberry Bus Tour from Hell – the noise bossanova band accidentally founded along the way of making the radio show – saw the daylight. The song was baptised as Joulu Jurmossa (“Christmas in Jurmo”). Probably the only logical step in the whole process.

Because stars were appropriately aligned, a video for the song was shot there too. As well as above, you can watch it on the Komitea YouTube channel.

Btw, hopefully you didn’t miss the recent Elvis cover by Trio Anuri either? Their version of Little Sister was christened as Isoveli in Finnish – which means “big brother”. There might’ve been some miniscule details lost in translation.

By these soothing notes, Komitea wishes as cosy New Year as possible to the whole universe, and everyone in it. With the exception of Vladimir Putin.